2000s: Start mixing, the beat must going on.
2002: “Kulturproject Allach” (Virus_T. Productions founded by Jac.One & Baba)
2002: “Electronic Beats” (Virus_T. Event)
2004: “Electronica” (Virus_T.)
2004: GENETIC UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS, founded by Jac.One & Silk (Klirr-Factory)
2005: “Liquid Beats” (GENETIC UNDERGROUND & Virus_T.)
2006: “Tanz in den Mai” (GENETIC UNDERGROUND & Virus_T.)
2007: Live @ Kannibalen Massaker Festival
2008: Studio & Private (GENETIC UNDERGROUND)
2009: Studio & Private (GENETIC UNDERGROUND)
2010: Live @ “Sunrise Spirit” (Virus_T.)
2011: Live @ “Deep Space Zoon” (Böllerbauer)
2011: Live @ “Club & Line”, Munich
2012: Live @ Aden, Digital Sound Club
2017: Member of ELECTROWiCHTEL

“2 Tage und 2 Nächte … und das 2 Wochen lang”

Jac.One – Live Mix April 2018 (Promo Mix)
Genre: Techno
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Time: 15:23 min
Download  (Right Click, then save as)



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